New Wi-Fi Feature in MIUI 11!

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Xiaomi New Wi-Fi Feature in MIUI 11!

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Hello dear MIUI Fan’s!Today i’ll reviewing two NEW Wi-Fi options what i find in MIUI 11, and my device Redmi K20 Android 10!1.Showing Wi-Fi generation for visible network.What is it – Wi-Fi Generation!?Equipment frequently support multiple versions of Wi-Fi. To communicate, devices must use a common Wi-Fi version. The versions differ between the radio wavebands they operate on, the radio bandwidth they occupy, the maximum data rates they can support and other details. In general, lower frequencies have better range but have less capacity. Some versions permit the use of multiple antennas, which permits greater speeds as well as reduced interference.Historically, equipment has simply listed the versions of Wi-Fi using the name of the IEEE standard that it supports. In 2018, the Wi-Fi alliance standardized generational numbering so that equipment can indicate that it supports Wi-Fi 4 (if the equipment supports 802.11n), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). These generations have a high degree of backward compatibility with previous versions. The alliance have stated that the generational level 4, 5, or 6 can be indicated in the user interface when connected, along with the signal strength.2.Rendomized MAC address.This option is in the advanced settings for the connected Wi-Fi network. When connecting and before entering the password, click on Advanced settings, then security. By default, the virtual MAC address will always be used. You may ask: Why should I hide my MAC address? The answer is simple: In order to protect yourself from intercepting your real MAC address. Not many people know that it can be used as an address for broadcasting contextual (personalized) advertising.WIFI TARGETING?More is possible than you might thinkThe basic idea of WIFI targeting is serving ads on phones, where the location is determined by a WIFI point. This is indeed possible. There is more to it, however.It’s technically possible to upload/insert IP/MAC addresses of – let’s say – branches of a certain brand/retailer. Then, when a consumer – physically visiting one of these branches – access the internet using this free WIFI point, ads can be served. Furthermore; retargeting activities, based on these impressions, are possible. Logically the storage of (RAW) Device-ID’s is also a possibility.What Is WiFi Marketing?WiFi marketing is when retailers provide wireless internet access to shoppers and then use that as a channel to communicate messages and promotions. It’s just one of the many ways that physical retailers are embracing the digital world — and creating a multichannel experience for their shoppers in the process.Thanks to All! Also thanks to Admin @Elaine2046!

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